I am Mat, and I figure things out.

With a keen focus on the possibilities, technology gives us every day, my interest lies in the impact of design in our day to day life. I firmly believe that design does not start on wireframes and ends on the day of handoff to the dev team. For me, the process has always been more important than the result. Design starts with an idea, and the process is a tool to make it a reality.

This approach has led me to work directly with clients on the first stages of the process, understanding the users, following the business goals and getting the technical limitations. Those could sometimes seem like impediments but I couldn't work without them. 

In my free time I am experiment with other technologies, designing games with Unity3d, modelling, and rendering things using Ciname4d or creating simple apps using Node.js. Also, nothing can stop me from watching the next Avengers movie. 

I am currently looking for new opportunities to work on, preferably remote ones. 

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